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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Categories -: interview question with answer for 1 and 2 year experience person

1. What is ASP.NET?

Active:An ASP page provides dynamic content that's updated every time that is accessed.
Server : An ASP page contains script code that the Web server executes.
Page: An ASP page is a Web page that the user navigates to and is displayed in his or her browser.

2. What are the types of validation controls in

. Required Field Validator
. Range Validator
. Compare Validator
. Regular Expression Validator
. Custom Validator
. Validation Summary

3. What are the namespaces that automatically imported into every ASP.NET page?

. System
. System.Collections
. System.I0
. System.Web
. System.Web.UI
. System.Web.UI.WebControls
. System.Web.UI.HTMLControls

4. How can you redirect users to a different page?

Use the Response.Redirect method to direct users to different pages. Remember that you must call this method before any HTML is rendered for a page.

5. What is the difference between server-side and client-side caching?

Server-side caching caches output before it's sent to the browser. Subsequent requests to that data will retrieve from the cache.
Client-side caching stores data (such as pages accessed over the Internet) on a user's hard drive so that it doesn't need to be downloaded again.

6. What is the difference between user and server controls?

User controls are created by the developer to allow for the reuse of controls that need specific functionality, while the Server controls are built-in.

7. What are the types of Authentication technique in Asp.Net?

There are three types of Authentication techniques are . Windows Authentication
. Passport Authentication
. Form Authentication

8. How can we identify that the page is Post Back?

Page object has an "Ispostback" property, which can be checked to know that is the page posted back.

9. How ASP.NET different from ASP?

Scripting is separated from the HTML, Code is compiled as a DLL, these DLLs can be executed on the server.

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