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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


What is C#?

.C# is a new object-oriented language from Microsoft that is currently used for application development on the .NET platform.
.It exhibits features found in languages such as C++, Java, Smalltalk, and Perl, among others.
.C# has been submitted to the standards body.

.NET Framework Process 


Terms Associated with Microsoft .NET
Common Language Runtime
Common Language Runtime also called CLR Provides a universal execution engine for developers code. It generates SOAP when it makes remote procedure calls. CLR is independent and is provided as part of the .NET Framework. The main features of CLR are as follows:
*Managed Code *Automatic application installation
*Memory Management
*Automatic Garbage Collection
*Very high level of Security while executing .NET Framework Class Libraries These class libraries works with any language under the common language runtime environment. It includes Visual Studio.NET, C-Sharp. Therefore if you are familiar with one .NET language then you can easily migrate to other .NET Languages. The figure given below shows the .NET Framework hierarchy
1->All namespaces should have to be called in your Program by applying the keyword using. For example if your programs needs to call System namespace, then it should be applied in the program as using System.
2->Classes cannot be called along with the using directive. 3->The using directive applies only to namespaces, just like importing packages in Java. Hence the following code will result in compilation error, using System.Console.
However you can create an alias like the following using mysys = System.Console. Then you have to apply the alias in your program as follows mysys.writeLine("Hello C#");

Introduction to object oriented programming concepts (oops) in 

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