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Friday, 20 September 2013

How i can run apk file on emulator

How i can run apk file on emulator

 Categories : - Call web service from android application

Introduction :- In this article i am explain how to run any .apk file using android emulator.

Description : - In my previous article  i have explained call web service from android application   Now i am explain how to run .apk through emulator

Step 1  Fist Check jdk is installed  i you system other wise instal the jdk
Step 2  Set the  Environment Variable like this for windows 7
Write click on my computer and go to property -> popup is open and click on Advanced   System Setting ->Advanced->  Environment Varibles
and set path link this image

Note-> Click new then open this popup  and enter variable name and variable values and click ok

Step 3  open eclipse and run any project through emulator your emulator is run properly

Note -> If you have no android project then create a new android application and run the android application using emulator

Step 4  Keep your .apk file within folder of your android sdk\platform-tools

Step 5 - Open cmd prompt and go tto your  sdk\platform-tools folder
 and type the command on cmd

adb install your apk file name

GUI as shown below

You get success message if you .apk is install properly using command prompt

Step 6 -  Check you Apk on you emulator is show properly and click on akp icon of your app it's run properly

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Timestamp in mysql

Timestamp in mysql
TimeStamp : -
The TIMESTAMP data type is the only way to have MySQL automatically set the time when a row was inserted and/or updated. DATETIME columns can’t do this.
TIMESTAMP columns are identical to DATETIME columns with one important exception — they can be set to take the current time value when a row is created or updated.

Note  -  If you want to use a timestamp  column then  set Defalut as shown

create table using timestamp as shown below

  `x` varchar(200) NOT NULL,
  `y` varchar(200) NOT NULL,
  `id` varchar(200) NOT NULL,

GUI  structure as  shown below

Note - if you set defaut  as a timestamp then don not use the time stamp column name at the time of insertion  it automaticlay insert the time in timestamp column
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