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Monday, 19 May 2014

What is Difference between GridView and DataGrid?

what is Difference between GridView and DataGrid?
Categories :-  How to get xml data into grid view in , GridView Paging Not Displaying Data After Switching Page , The gridview 'gridview1' fired event pageindexchanging which wasn't handled. c#, Javascript validation for Gridview in edit mode , On click checkbox select data from gridview

Description  :- In this article i am explain the difference between GridView and DataGrid in aspdotnet as shown below

GridView DataGrid
Introduced with Asp.Net 2.0. Introduced with Asp.Net 1.0.
Built-in supports for Paging and Sorting. For sorting you need to handle SortCommand event and rebind grid required and for paging you need to handle the PageIndexChanged event and rebind grid required.
Built-in supports for Update and Delete operations. Need to write code for implementing Update and Delete operations.
Supports auto format or style features. This features is not supported.
Performance is slow as compared to DataGrid Performance is fast as compared to GridView.


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