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Monday, 28 October 2013

Json with integer in php

Json with integer in php
Introduction :-
Here i am explain how to use  PHP  json_encode function.

In some cases numeric data may  appear as numeric strings, for example 1 as "1". While consuming the json data on a client app that would mean an extra parsing to get for example an int from the string.

The solution is to simply use an extra option (JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK) on the json_encode function call:

then you will not get the data in string format.You get the data like 1 without double quotes

use for json_encode

<?php echo json_encode($data, JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK); ?>

For example

{"data":[{"x":0,"y":0,"username":"%s","gender":"%s","location":"%s","id":"%s","age":30},{"x":0,"y":0,"username":"Ranvijay Singh","gender":"male","location":"Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai), India","id":1179445904,"age":30},{"x":10,"y":20,"username":"aman","gender":"male","location":"indore","id":123,"age":30}]}

Here x and y is integer values then not show double quotes

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