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Thursday, 6 June 2013

how to set start page in

how to set start page in
Introduction :- 
In this article i will explain how i can set the start up page that means default page of our website when we run.When we Run our website the we always set the index page as a starting page but some time our index page not run when we start the website our other page is run.

Description :- 
First a fall create a website like this .Open visual stdio->file->new->website
and select web site and rename the name of site page and click OK
Image of project creation as shown below

write click on project and add  new item and select as   web form and rename the page like index.aspx

Different way to show the start up page in

 way [1]->
write click on project explorer and  property page and start up project->specific page and write the name[index.aspx ]and click ok.Image as shown below

Run our application and your application always start from index.aspx page.

Way [2]->

write Click on page which you want to set as startup page. And  set as a start page->ok
Your starup page create successlly. Image as shown below

your start up page create successfully

way [3]->

Minear change in web.config file and set index .aspx as default page
Write the code in web.config file as shown below

        <add value="default.aspx"/>

 <if you want to set any page as a start up page then change in <add values="your page  name">
and save and compile web.config file

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