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Monday, 6 May 2013

WCF Web Services

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Categories : - Introduction to WCF  , Differences Between WCF and ASP.NET Web Services,
Basic Step by Step WCF WebService ,

Introduction : -Here I will explain what WCF (Windows communication foundation) is, uses of windows communication foundation and how to create and use windows communication foundation in c#.

Description : - In my previous article i have explained Basic Step by Step WCF WebService   in Know i am create a wcf webservice which return the JSON Data.


1. Start Visual Studio 2010

2. Create a new project 
Click on File \ New \ Project.
Make sure WCF is selected in the left part of the window, then select the project type WCF Service Application.
In the Name textbox, type in JSONWebService.
We're going to create a .Net Framework 4.0 web service, so make sure this is selected at the top of the dialog.
Then click on OK.

To do this, we need to make some changes to the sample code. First, we need to change GetData's parameter type from "int" to "string"
Open up the Service1.svc.cs file, and change the "value" parameter to be a string:


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